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The IPA map of the world
Oct 18, 2018

Cofactor Ora seeks to record pronunciations of the names of all cities, towns, villages, streets and other political and geographical features.

Based on the English pronunciation data already present in Ora, we are able to build a phonetic map of the world showing states, sovereign territories, and other large subdivisions:

The following phonetic transcriptions were used to build this map:

Afghanistan /æfˈgænɪstæn/
Angola /æŋˈgoʊlə/
Albania /ælˈbeɪniə/
United Arab Emirates /juˈnaɪtɪd ˈærəb ˈɛmɪrəts/
Argentina /ˌɑːrdʒənˈtiːnə/
Armenia /ɑːrˈmiːniə/
Antarctica /æntˈɑːrktɪkə/
Australia /ɒˈstreɪliə/

You can view the whole map here.

This is just a beginning. To help build more IPA maps, you can add the IPA transcriptions for all these place names in your language.

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